Waterland, Zaan & Sea is about the easternm part of Noord-Holland province. Here are some of the lowlands where my country got it's name. The sea here is a lake now, the IJssellake, islands like Marken turned into peninsula's and the once wide river Zaan is just a small stream these days. Nevertheless it's a place filled with history and with many villages with wooden houses. The first five series, from the Zaanse Schans, a windmill and timbered houses area along the Zaan River, gives an example.

Large parts from Noord-Holland are gained from the waters that surrounded the province or formed large lakes in the middle. The main type of landscape are the nowadays polders, lands stolen from the sea. Lands that nowadays lie some meters below sealevel. In between the polders small dykes are built. These were the places were villages and cities arose. See some in Broek in Waterland, Medemblik and De Rijp.

Some photos in this special are made in wintertime, when the IJsselmeer may be all frozen. It's a magnificent, but weird sight.

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