southern england, welcome

I sometimes travel to England, a country that on one side is so European, but on the other so different from the continental mainland. It's hard to say what makes the difference. Probably there is not just one thing, but it's the combination of people, buildings and atmosphere. Could it be that industrialisation in the 19th century divided the country in progress and nostalgia.

In this travelspecial I like to show some nostalghia, small houses with low rooftops and more buildings, roads and people seemingly unchanged since the 19th century. Especially Lacock, an English Trust village in Northern Wiltshire, shows the resentiments. But also the towns of Bradford-on-Avon, Shaftesbury and Exeter do have this atmosphere, as do the meadows of Exbourne.

Bath, Brighton in this site are different, but also with that hang back to the past.

Even the monument at Stonehenge and, from a more recent date, Old Wardour Castle, give examples of history and tradition and seemingly fitting in landscapes such as at Dartmoor National Park. I hope you enjoy.