under south african skies

 intro in het nederlands

Under South African Skies is a series of photographs i've made during two visits in the mid nineteen-nineties. My first entry to south africa was at Capetown where I visited the town itself, the nearby township of Khayelitsha at the Cape Flats and the national park Cape of Good Hope. At Namaqualand in the the northern cape I visited the Springbok area, an area filled with springflowers that time of year.

One year later I've been to the country's east side: from Pretoria through KwaNdebele and the transvaal Drakensberg mountains to the Kruger national park, and after driving through Swaziland from northern KwaZulu/Natal to vivid Durban and the Royal Natal park.

I hope you enjoy the images I made, you can click left to navigate, or on every photo to get to the next one in row.