Africa's gem


Coming from South Africa and crossing the Oranje River Iíve entered the Big Dry: the harsh and barren Namib and Kalahari deserts. The landscape looks so weird to someone from Europe. The first night I spent at the Fishriver Canyon and at once I fell for this landscape. And I never stopped being amazed and excited until I finished my travels at the northern Okavango River.

I visited some of the many natural highlights within Namibia. I hiked the Tsauchab Canyon up to magnificent Sossusvlei, crossed the gravelplains of the Namib, gazed at the worldsí oldest plant the Welwitschia Mirabilis, and camped in between the Quivertrees at Blutkoppie. I hiked around Spitzkoppe mountain and toured along the southern part of the Skeleton Coast, where fishermen put whalebones in front of their homes.

I enjoyed wildlife at Etosha National Park, upon the Waterberg Plateau and in Mahango National Park where I took a parkranger to his colleages to cut meat from a dead-shot elephant. The elephant was wounded and got extremely dangerous in its fierce.

Some of the photos Iíve made in Namibia Iíve put in this travelspecial. Enjoy them, navigating by clicking the places on the left.