Marseille is the oldest French city along the Mediterranean. While it's a city with many faces a visit is quite enjoyable. It's not the big attractions that make Marseille worthwhile, it's the complete atmosphere: friendly people, the mix of many cultures, the beauty of the old harbour, the vieux-port and some older buildings like the Notre Dame de la Garde that stands high above the town. I myself enjoyed strolling around the old Panier quarter that has colourful alleys and rude anonymous houding blocks just alike. Noailles has a lively streetmarket and good smells - although you will not find these in my photos. The fishmarket at the crossing of the Canebière and the Quai des Belges is a great experience as well.

From the architectural point of view Marseille is interesting because of the Cité Radieuse, where the famous 20 Century architect Le Corbusier developed his building to live in, to work, to shop and to entertain. The best sight in my opinion in this maison d'Habitation is the roofterrace where the landscpae by La Corbusier contrasts with the surrounding landscape of housing blocks, mountains and the Mediterranean. This special on marseille has 7 photos from the Cité Radieuse. More can be found in my architecture galleries.

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