Towards the dunes is about the west of Noord-Holland province; the area around the historic city of Haarlem. Large parts from Noord-Holland are gained from the waters that surrounded the province or formed large lakes in the middle. The main type of landscape are the nowadays polders, lands stolen from the sea. Lands that nowadays lie some meters below sealevel. In between the polders small dykes are built. These were the places were villages and cities arose. See some in Velserbroek and Spaarnwoude.

Another topic, strongly related to the polderlandscape, are the fortresses built in a system to protect the country in earlier times from possible intruders. The special thing was that the fortresses where part in a system made for bringing water into the polders, and leaving the country under a 50 cm waterlevel. This fortress-system was the first of the Unesco-World Heritage Sites in the Netherlands. Examples of the system you can view at Forteiland. From Forteiland more photos are to be found in my architecture gallery. Finally, you can view some images of the summer 1999 almost eclipse.

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