Flevoland is the provice that's been manmade in the waters of the former Southern Sea. There are three "polders" and two small former islands, Urk en Schokland, that are very low hills in the flat polders these days. You can get a glimpse of the atmosphere in the photos I took from out of a Cesna.

You can see photos here from Noordoostpolder, the oldest new part, Urk, Biddinghuizen windmills and Lelystad. From the latter there are photos of the new Agora theater and the Aviodrome, which is the Dutch airport museum. There are no photos of Almere, the fastest growing city in the Netherlands yet. I plan to add some later this year.

You can navigate by clicking the names, the numbers or the photos, the latter one taking you to the next image in line. Enjoy my country.