I've entitled this chapter in my Netherlands series back to my roots, because I was born and raised in Enschede, in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Enschede is the largest town in Overijssel province and the region of Twente.

I guess photographing the atmosphere from your youth is one the hardest things to do, certainly in times with many changes. Of course my youth is not here anymore, but for me a few sentiments still appear. From Enschede you can see photos on different neighbourhoods in the city, including downtown. Photos from the downtown area I divided in a northern and southern part, the first including the Old Market Place, the latter the newest highrise, the Twentec Tower, as well as the area around City Hall.

Many of my Enscehde photos are made in the Roombeek quarter in Enschede. Here, in the year 2000, a large explosion took place from a fireworksfactory right in the middle of the area. People were killed and injured. Nowadays the area is almost completely newly developed.

Finally there's a chapter here on the 2010 football championship of FC Twente.

You can navigate by clicking the names, the numbers or the photos, the latter one taking you to the next image in line. Enjoy my country.