This chapter is about a part of the province of Siena in the south of Tuscany. Siena is the city of Il Campo of Piazza del Campo, the most beautiful piazza in the world. Apart from Il Campo you can see pictures of a few other places in the city of Siena.

From other areas within the province, San Gimignano perhaps is the most welknown. A small town with buildings towering high. The skyscraper must be invented here. San Galgano has a great abbeyruin. Crete and West Crete mainly focus on Sienese landscapes. My series in West Crete is more or less a variation within one theme. Green and brown fields show ever changing combinations with trees and blue and grey skies.

More photos from the province of Siena, such as from Montepulciano or the Val d'Orcia, are to be found in the Toscana chapter. This one is to be reached through the button to your left.

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