saguaro national park

I guess the saguaro cactus may be the archetype for people when thinking about cacti. It is huge, up to 12 meters, maybe even more. And has great treelike branches. Saguaro National Park in the Sonora Desert in southern Arizona must have tens of thousands saguaros. All within a stoney desert. That's a strange sight for someone like me, used to green meadows and lush trees. But besides strange I think it is a marvelous sight.

Although it is the dominant thing, the National Park has other qualities besides saguaros. You can view many other cacti species, like Cholla and Barrel. In my specials there are some as well. And there is Signal Hill with small petroglyphs from ancient native american cultures.

While most of the photots here are from the Tucson Mountain district, a few are made at the Rincon Mountain section. I guess this part is even more desolate, but as rewarding.

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