Rome is beautiful. And it is packed with history and culture. But what I like most is the mix of centuries, where modern life fits so very well within what has left from old times. While some older buildings show that the past wasn't always easy, leaving cracks in facades or collapsed structures, the modern Romans pass by well-dressed, enjoying the sun and taking time for a coffee. Therefore this gallery focuses not only on the built environment, but also on the people in 21st century Rome and the way they live, the scooters and cars they use.

There is too much to see to describe all here, with many amzing buildings such as the Pantheon or open spaces such as Piazza di Spagna or Piazza Navona. And I didn't even see the interior of the San Pietro because it was closed during a sunday mass lead by Pope John Paul II on the Piazza in front of the main church of the catholic world.

I divided my gallery into three chapters, the first "Citta antica" covering the old center of Rome, with most of the touristic highlights such as the Colosseo and Forum Romanum. The second chapter "Beyond the walls" has one photo of the ancient Via Appia and a few of the 20th century EUR, mostly showing how you shouldn't build a pleasant area. The third chapter "Vaticano" has many photos from Vatican City, especially of the exterior of the San Pietro, the piazza and the people listening to the prayers of the pope.

This special on Rome has some of my own personal favourite photos. I hope you enjoy them as I do.