Istanbul is a metropolis for ages already. Through times its name changed. Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul. Always names with some mystification around. Always a place where east and west could meet. It is not a coincident, I think, that Istanbul is the only metropolis lying in two continents, Europe and Asia. That's just the site where a city like this could develop.

I was attracted by the many faces the city shows its visitors. The old town, around the Topkapi Palace, Aya Sofia and Blue Mosque, is quite different from the areas around Galata Bridge (Eminönü and Galata). The first place is more like the Istanbul for tourists, and however the same tourists flock around Galata Bridge as well, you'll see them much more mixed up with the local people everyday life. Neighbourhoods like Kumkapi and Chiangir have their own habits and their own timetables, not strictly necessary linked to the large metropolis to where they belong.

Apart from the areas mentioned above you can enjoy photos from around Beyazit and Süleymaniye mosques as well as the Bosphorus. There is one photo of beautiful Yerebatan Cistern in the Aya Sofia chapter.

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