Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland is one of the most beautiful cities in the United Kingdom as far as I can see. It shows a mix of big city avenues with the grandeur that you think it should have, with narrow medieval alleys, winding up and down the Edinburgh Castle Hill. Princes Street, the main shopping avenue is spectacular because it has only one facaderow facing it. The other side of the street has a lush park giving space to enjoy, again, castle hill.

The Castle is in the old part of town, on the west end of the Royal Mile, a characteristic street packed with typical facades. On the east end is the Holyroodhouse, marking the importance of the street.

Apart from parts of the citycenter, you can see photos from Cramond village and the Pilrig neighbourhood. Cramond is a very tiny but atmospheric village on the far northwest end of Edinburgh, facing the waters of the Firth of Forth. Pilrig, in my eyes, is a standard neighbourhood, but worthwhile to see because it is so standard.

Enjoy my Edinburgh photos. You can navigate by clicking the names, the thumbnails or the photos.

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