It's a strange city, Brussels. On one hand the city has lovely spots with atmospheric buildings, squares, streets, full of detail and made with love. But there are as many places that just seem to be there. Made without any feeling, without any sense of harmony. Of course, all cities around the world have better and worse places, but the fact on Brussels is that both types are very much stuck to each other. Both worlds exist every 100 meters in every direction.

Many photos in this special are made upon or directly around the Great Market Square, Grand Place in French or Grote Markt in Dutch. Beautifully layed out with richly decorated facades and a wealthy gallery. The Marolles neighbourhood doesn't have the same grandeur. The area where I made my photos is probably one of the poorest in town. Nevertheless it has a typical big city atmosphere, with houses in narrow streets that seem more American than European. Although my Marolles photos aren't the best ones I've ever made, to me they show that even without money an architect has tried to give the houses a character of their own.

The Congresplein is quite different. No narrow streets here but wide open spaces, ready to fit thousands of people, but empty and desolate.

I hope you enjoy my photos. You can navigate by using the placenames, or to click on each photo. That will bring you to the next in line.