painted desert

Winding through the black hills Route 66 brought me to Oatman. It was my first 66-experience. Seligman and Holbrook, to name a few places followed. Route 66 was an object itself, but also the road to take me through beautiful Arizona. From the huge Grand Canyon to tiny Antelope Canyon. As breathtaking as its worldfamous counterpart. And there was Canyon de Chelly, with many Anasazi ruins. And the barren and hot Petrified Forest that offers marvellous views over the Painted Desert and huge petrified logs just lying there. Just lying around to amaze, as it seems. And there was more. All the time there is more. Saguaro cacti as far as I could see. A sea of cacti. And still there is that other world of wonders, Monument Valley. Changing views in the changing light. Magnificent.

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