Antwerp is an attractive city on the banks of the river Schelde. The city is of Dutch heritage but over the centuries the atmosphere has grown Belgian. In comparison with Dutch citycenters Antwerp has more wealthy decorated facades, showing the craftmanship from the early ages.

The Grote Markt is the heart of the city, with the river nearby and the guilthouses being the background for the hundreds of cafés, restaurants and other places where Belgian people live the bourgondian life.

Furthermore I've got a few images from the Meir axis through the city, in between the Railway Station and the Grote Markt. Here are many of Antwerps historic sights together with the shopping paradise, more cafés and restaurants.

North-East Antwerp is an urban renewal quarter, where the former Pemeke factory in the near future has to be transformed to the vivid haert of North-East. Zurenborg, to conclude this Antwerp special, is an expensive neighbourhood with some of the most beautiful art nouveau houses to be found in Europe.

I hope you enjoy my photos. You can navigate by using the placenames, or to click on each photo. That will bring you to the next in line.