Andalucia is Spain's southernmost part. It has a diverse landscape varying from beaches and a rocky coastline, desertlike landscapes and high mountainranges. And it has beautiful cities, some still dominated by Moorish architecture. This travelspecial shows primarily some of the cities and villages of Andalucia. So you won't find any photos on the Sierra Nevada or Tabernas Desert. But ...

see the Mezquita in Cordoba, my personal favourite. One of the most amazing and beautiful buildings I've ever visited. Even though Spanish kings have put a christian cathedral in the midst of a muslim temple. The forest of columns remains, luckily.

Nearby in Madinat Al-Zahra (or Medina Azahara as it is more commonly written) is another spectacular Moorish palace. Restoration is still going on, and you can walk along thousands of sharves, ready to be glued upon the walls. And of course I've got some images of the most wellknown of Andalucia's buildings, the Alhambra Palace in Granada. Something different are the cavedwellings in Guadix, see them in the Granada chapter. From Jaen province I've got a few photo's of renaissance cities Baeza and Ubeda. And see the Puente Nueva in Ronda. When tired of "old stuff" visit the two photos from a building in touristy Torremolinos.

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