alberta - peaks & plains

Alberta is the Canadian province where the prairielands meet the Rockies. I myself was impressed by those big mountains, but even more by the flatness of the plains north and east of Calgary. So in this travelspecial peaks & plains you can view a bit of both.

The plains are in the Drumheller prairie chapter and in the part on East Coulee. The latter however doesn't give any landscapes but attends on some old buildings in a former coalmine.

The other chapters are mountain-chapters, with photos made in Banff, Jasper and Yoho National Parks. Yoho isn't in Alberta, but the Takakkaw Falls are so close to the Alberta border that I've mixed them up here. There are more waterfalls besides the big one in Yoho. You can view one from Maligne Canyon at Jasper and the Athabasca Falls which are also in Jasper. And of course there is in the Jasper-chapter a picture of the famous Columbia Icefield. From Banff, the most wellknown of the Rocky Parks I've put some photos from green Morraine Lake online.

You can navigate by clicking about any object in the site. Just clicking the photo will get you to the next one in line. I hope you enjoy.