Suzhou (gardens, temple, people)
Puxi (cityscapes, streetlife, Renmin Peoples Square, Nanjing Road), Huangpu (cityscapes, streetlife, waterfront, Huangpu River, Bund, Bridges, Huangpu Park), Pudong (cityscapes, Information Tower, Oriental Arts Center, Airport, Maglev train), Lujiazu (cityscapes, streetlife, waterfront, Huangpu River, Oriental Pearl Tower), Jin Mao (cityscapes, Jin mao Tower), French Concession (cityscapes, streetlife, people, Xiangjiang Park, Shaanxi Lu, Xintiandi), Yan'an Lu (cityscapes, streetlife, people, Yan'an Lu), Xujiahui (cityscapes, streetlife, Zhaojabang Road, longtangs, nightviews), Shanghai Old Town (cityscapes, streetlife, Longhua Temple, Yuyuan Gardens and Bazaar, Temple of the Town Gods, Fangbang Road), Suzhou Creek (Lilongs, housing), Zhujiajiao (villagescapes, streetlife, watertown, temple), Suzhou River (Anting, Caoyang, Brilliant City, housing, Qingpu (kindergarten, officebuilding)